Malhus specializes in IT sales, repair, and maintenance, proudly serving customers since 1987 while maintaining its expertise in the latest PC hardware and software. From our workshop in Alcântara in Lisbon, we can assist you with a range of services including the sale of PC and laptops, printer supplies, computer accessories, upgrading or repairing existing hardware, as well as software troubleshooting and maintenance.

We are an experienced technical team dedicated to the repair of different computer equipment and can advice on possible upgrades to old equipment.

Our Services

Computer Services

Purchase your computer, laptop, components and printing supplies.

Installation and Configuration

We can be of assistance with installation and configuration of computers, peripherals and software.

Repair Services

Repair of equipment purchased from Malhus or other suppliers.


Optimizing your PC's performance; disk defragmentation, cleaning.

Virus removal

Detection and removal of viruses, trojans, spyware and unwanted software.

Data Backup and Recovery

We recover data on your HDD disk, SSD, Memory Cards or USB stick.



Contact Us

Email: compras@malhus.pt

Telefone: 21 361 6000

Mobile: 964 967 753

Address: R. Luís de Camões 35, 1300-472 Lisboa (Google Maps)

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